About Me

After 18 years working with City Executive Search companies across many sectors and industries in London, Europe, US & Asia, I have now decided to go solo! One of the main reasons for this is that over the years I have found it frustrating to hear both candidates and clients dissatisfaction with recruitment companies and how they're approached by many of them, almost like they're just a number being called to ask if they'd like some double glazing or a new front door! Just a sales call or a statistical sales target given to them on a Monday morning by the line manager to rack up some fees for the month and hopefully place some candidates. I've been there, so I know.

Client and candidate are equally important to me, I pride myself on being a good listener and building relationships with both. This is done by knowing and understanding the clients requirements and having a good brief and then equally important knowing and understanding the candidates requirements, their career goals, aspirations, what makes them tick and where they see themselves in their future career path. I never twist any potential candidates arm to send me their CV so I can put them forward for a position. I merely present an opportunity to them and allow them to make a decision if they'd like to take a career opportunity further.

I am not a database agency, all my work is up to date research through sourcing candidates daily that I term to be passive i.e they're not on the job market seeking new roles. I find this works exceptionally well as the best people are more than likely already in a job. My success in gaining interest this way through passive search is successful and I believe this is because I approach people with respect and sensitivity. I maximise my influence skills in selling and presenting my clients opportunity to candidates in a clear and professional way.

I decided to create Forde research-recruitment with the hope of working with like-minded clients and candidates.